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Marriage Commissioner

Oliver Armstrong

Meet Oliver


Oliver began performing marriage ceremonies in Calgary in 2017 when some close friends asked for his help writing and leading their wedding ceremony. Over the past few years, Oliver has performed a variety of ceremonies in unique venues including churches, living rooms, hotels, and outdoor and wilderness locations in Calgary and the surrounding area. He has received many compliments from couples and guests for his strong voice, his fun and congenial nature, and his skills in supporting couples to look and feel their best during their ceremony.


Oliver is dedicated to guiding couples through their wedding ceremony with authenticity and warmth. From brief ceremonies, to grand events, Oliver will prioritize your wishes above all others, and officiate your wedding with expertise and thoughtfulness.

As a Civil Marriage Commissioner, Oliver is ready to complete your marriage ceremony at a location of your choice, including in your home. For more details of how to get married in Alberta please see the FAQ section.

Oliver provides personalized wedding experiences for the Calgary community.

Oliver recognizes couples of all kinds and believes their identity does not change the deep connection between them. Oliver is proud to officiate same-sex, opposite-sex, non-binary, and contemporary weddings, and welcomes everyone regardless of background or religious affiliation. What matters most is the relationship you want to celebrate with your loved ones.

Fully Customizable


Your ceremony script is fully customizable. Oliver can provide options for readings, alternative wordings, and special ceremonial elements such as the Sand Ceremony, Wine Box Ceremony, and other fun components! If spirituality is important to you, there are many ways to incorporate your beliefs to the ceremony. From the simplest of legal ceremonies, to more extensive ceremonies with music, guest participants and extra festivities, Oliver is qualified and ready to deliver what you need on your very special day.

Oliver does not maintain a public office, but is pleased to meet with you as you plan your day and perform your ceremony at your home or the venue of your choice. If you need assistance in choosing the place for your ceremony and signing, Oliver would be happy to provide a curated list of options.

“When COVID derailed our wedding, Oliver was quick to offer his support. When we decided to plan an entirely different wedding on our original date he was patient and flexible. He spoke clearly and with emotion, never upstaging us. We highly recommend him as an officiant.”

Finn & Shawna
Married May 2020

“We were so happy with our choice to include Oliver in our wedding ceremony. Not only was he extremely professional, but he worked with us to ensure that our wedding was exactly what we wanted. We couldn’t have asked for a better officiant!”

Zac & Connor
Married July 2019

Getting married in alberta

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get married in Alberta?

To proceed with a wedding in Alberta, both parties must be currently unmarried and at least eighteen years of age. The couple must obtain a Marriage Registration / License from any registry agent office. Once you have obtained your Marriage License it is valid for 90 days during which time your marriage must be completed. The Marriage Commissioner will perform the ceremony, sign the required documents, and provide the couple with a temporary proof of marriage document.

Did you know? In Alberta, there are no legal differences between getting married by a religious clergy person and a marriage commissioner.

Complete and up-to-date information about getting married in Alberta can be found on the Alberta Government Website.

What is required at the ceremony and who must attend?

At your ceremony you must have two persons eighteen years of age or older who will act as your witnesses. You will have to provide their complete contact information for the official documentation. You must also have either a Civil Marriage Commissioner or an authorized member of Clergy present to sign the documentation. The couple and the witnesses must be fluent in the languages being spoken at the marriage ceremony and fully understand the English forms they have to sign. An interpreter may assist if necessary. None of the wedding party may be under the influence of a drug or alcohol at the time of the ceremony and document signing.

What happens after the ceremony?

At the conclusion of your ceremony, and once all the required documentation is completed in full and signed by all parties, the Marriage Commissioner will submit this information to Alberta Vital Statistics. It takes approximately two weeks for the marriage to be registered, at which time you may apply at any registry agent office for a Certificate of Marriage. A rush order for your registration of marriage is possible (24-48 hours) for an additional fee.

If you plan to assume your partner’s surname, you may do this at any authorized registry agent office one you have received your Certificate of Marriage.

I only want a signing ceremony or a very brief wedding. Is this possible?

Yes, however to be legally married in Alberta there must be a marriage ceremony as well as the signing of the documents. The ceremony can be as short as one or two minutes, however it must be done in person. The ceremony cannot be done by proxy or remotely through a video conference, live stream, or other technology.

What locations are possible for my wedding?

Your wedding can be held at any public or private location. Please note that you are responsible for securing your venue. This can be your home, a public park, a private venue or hall. Most Marriage Commissioners do not keep a public office or bookable venue. If you need suggestions, please ask for a curated list of venues.

How do I book a wedding?

If you would like to arrange a phone call or meeting with Oliver, would like to receive more information by email, or would like to book a ceremony, please visit the Contact page.

“Make your ceremony the centerpiece of your wedding by highlighting what is important to you. I will help shepherd your event by representing you and your choices in a way that will make you comfortable and your celebration distinctive and memorable.”

– Oliver